Being who you are helps

Sometimes,people thinks the best way to socialize with people isbeing different “not being u ”.

Being who u are helps a lot but cant  be identified because people thinks it doesn’t work on them , “I hope this will help”. 

10 daysago, I joined a social app called……  It was an impressive  chat app CU’s I met some of my old time friends , well it was going the way I plan and if I may say it was awesome….Then a girl which was my best formeroommate acted awkward  then  a day later , she got complicated and we quarreled then a group chat app I was people  started criticising her and say she has change , I was marvelled and I ask her on pc then she said she change because of themthen I told her 😥 ” being who u are helps and don’t be fooled “.
if you have any question  link me and also comment.


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