Mysterious …

12 days ago , why the summer was still holding, i decided to spent a week with my weird aunty know as aunty becky tho I was forced to do so because I always refuse and my mom kept on giving me bad eyes so I decided to go, you must be wondering why I said weird or how is she weird .

When I was 13, aunty Becky wanted to cut of my leg and forcely threatened me not to tell anybody but she stopped then later told me it was a joke , The only weird aunty that put egg inside tea and drink it in fact I absolutely say she is not normal .

I packed up all my necessary goods , Then my mom lendedme one of her favourite shoe which I have being wishing for years” the same shoe size”.as soon as Becky arrived I tried to fetch out what is new about her ,well there is always new things about her either her ill  dressing or her cat eyes .

She quickly grabbed me as I opened the door then peck me.  Her and my mom had a little conversation ,when we were about going my mom pecked me and gave me 10 dollars to use wisely.

Alas, I could breath in air and not some stinky smell in her car I quickly packed up my bag and went inside her house.

The first day was so weird that I felt like crying,  but something went mysterious the 10 dollars my mom gave me I used a dollar to buy a pen buh when I opened my purse I had 10 dollars .

5 days later , things keep going weird the more I keep on having 10 dollars and when I ask creepy aunty Becky she said ” I have never heard or place a money for u”. She told me that am miscalculated but I kept assuring to her that is no incident that it is someone s doing this I couldn’t blame aunty Becky CU’s she goes to work every morning.

On the 6th day I spend all the money and to my greater surprise it bounce back I was so scared and I remember mysterious movies but I still have faith is aunty Becky plan .

After meal , we drove back to my house I rushed and told my mom everything but she assured me it is not true and am not in a good moment.

Pls comment and help me find out.



Being who you are helps

Sometimes,people thinks the best way to socialize with people isbeing different “not being u ”.

Being who u are helps a lot but cant  be identified because people thinks it doesn’t work on them , “I hope this will help”. 

10 daysago, I joined a social app called……  It was an impressive  chat app CU’s I met some of my old time friends , well it was going the way I plan and if I may say it was awesome….Then a girl which was my best formeroommate acted awkward  then  a day later , she got complicated and we quarreled then a group chat app I was people  started criticising her and say she has change , I was marvelled and I ask her on pc then she said she change because of themthen I told her 😥 ” being who u are helps and don’t be fooled “.
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